Admissions Process

We believe that recovery begins when an individual takes the first step and asks for help. Guests seeking admission to Spero Recovery Center are pre-screened by our professional staff to determine appropriateness. Many factors can determine if a guest is appropriate for Spero Recovery Center, including mental health disorders, medical stabilization, and detox. We are committed to ensuring that individuals are directed to the most appropriate level of care and will make appropriate referrals to trusted behavioral health specialists. If approved for admission at Spero Recovery Center, guests will be provided with program information, a packing list and a scheduled time for admission.

Initial Admissions Process

  • All Guests are required to do a pre-screen over the phone or in person.
  • Acute mental health, suicidality, aggressive behaviors, violent or sexual offenses immediately disqualify an individual for services at Spero Recover Center and these individuals are referred to an appropriate level of care.
  • Information gathered in our biopsychosocial gives us the necessary information to run background checks through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
  • We have a two-level system of approval for admissions – admissions staff must have approval from Spero’s executive director or clinical director.
  • We screen for medical conditions and complications as we are a non-medical and non-clinical level of care – individuals who potentially may need medical attention are not appropriate for Spero Recover Center.
  • We are not a detox level of care – if there is risk of withdrawal, individuals must complete a social or medical detox, or seek medical clearance before entering the program.
  • What makes an individual appropriate for Spero Recover Center is a genuine desire to live a healthy life in the recovery community. We do not accept court-mandated individuals into our program. People come to Spero Recover Center because they are desperate to learn a new way of life from those also recovering from SUD.

Guests must not be under the influence of any substances (except approved medications) upon arriving to Spero Recovery Center. If a Guest arrives under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or unapproved medications Spero Recovery Center will require that Guest to complete a detox program before being admitted.

We believe in a shameless environment. Every admission to Spero Recovery begins with a conversation. You’re not just a person affected by a substance use disorder (SUD), you’re much more than that. We’ll help you peel back the layers assisting you to discover SUD does not define you! Call us today. Let’s start the conversation. You’re not alone. We’re here to help! 303-351-7888