Before I moved into Spero Recovery Sober Living I did my homework. Being a Drug Court Client, I couldn’t afford to make a mistake with my living situation. After doing some online research, speaking to other Drug Court Clients, speaking to my probation officer, and taking a tour of two of the houses, I was completely convinced that Spero Recovery Sober Living would be a perfect fit. I was so convinced that I did an address change four days before I found out if I’d been approved.

Spero Recovery Sober Living was just what I needed. The house had just the right balance of freedom, structure, and possible consequences. If you’re sober, want to stay sober, and you need a home free of drugs, alcohol, and negative influences, then I recommend The Spero Recovery Sober Living Community.

I was able to accomplish all of my short term goals, including signing a lease on a three-bedroom house of my own. Moving out of Spero Recovery Sober Living was a difficult decision to make, but that’s how it’s supposed to work, that’s the goal. Everything the house was expected to do for me, the house did for me.

During my time at Spero Recovery Sober Living, I remained 100% clean and sober. Complied 100% with the terms of my probation, and complied 100% with the rules & policies of the MAT Service Program that I’m attending.

Almost two months later, after moving from Spero Recovery Sober Living, I’m still 100% Clean & Sober, and still complying 100% with everything that I need to comply with.

Spero Recovery Sober Living Works!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank The Spero Recovery Sober Living Community for being just what I needed, just when I needed it!

– Spero Recovery Sober Living Male Resident, 2019

During my time living at Spero Recovery Sober Living, my entire life changed. I’ve done more than just remain sober. I’ve reconnected with my family, acquired a fantastic job, received two promotions at work, and now I’m renting my own home. Most importantly, I’m spending lots of quality time with my daughter. My sobriety and my daughter will always be my first priorities.

The house that I lived in was beautiful, and offered everything that I needed and more! If you’re looking to stay clean and rebuild your life, I strongly recommend Spero Recovery Sober Living.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Spero Recovery Sober Living for everything.

Thank You So Much.

– Spero Recovery Sober Living Male Resident, 2018