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Spero Recovery Center offers advanced opiate addiction treatment specifically designed for men. Our Colorado addiction rehab incorporates thorough 12-step processes and innovative therapy methods led by highly-trained specialists, ensuring the highest level of treatment efficacy. The opiate addiction insight below provides comprehensive details to guide you in overcoming your addiction challenges.

What are Opiates?

Opiates are a naturally potent drug extracted from the poppy plant that grows predominantly in Middle Eastern regions. Classified as a depressant for its highly sedative effects, opiates make up the most addictive drugs in the world. These drugs include heroin, codeine, opium, and medically-administered drugs like morphine. Once developed, addiction to these drugs requires professional opiate addiction treatment to recover without doing serious bodily harm. Our highly sympathetic receptionists are eagerly awaiting your call to get you on the fast track to self-sustainable sobriety.

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What is the Difference Between Opiates and Opioids?

Though opiates and opioids derive from the same plant, they have one key discrepancy that makes them very separate entities. While opiates are pure and untampered extract directly from the poppy, opioids require partially synthetic tampering to be considered as such. To be more specific, opioids are either fully synthetic or an infusion of natural plant and man-made drugs. This chemical infusion makes up numerous over-the-counter drugs such as hydrocodone and oxycodone just to name a couple. Thus the reason they are termed as “synthetic heroin”  for their partially man-made origins. Fully man-made opioids such as fentanyl and tramadol are not only the most addictive, they’re also the most fatal. Spero Recovery Center offers both opiate addiction rehab and opioid addiction rehab in Colorado.

What are Common Signs and Symptoms of Opiate Abuse?

The majority of addiction sufferers are unaware of the depth of their struggle. The following symptoms help you characterize opiate abuse symptoms. If you possess any of the signs to be mentioned, enroll in a Colorado addiction treatment program today.

A big red flag of opioid addiction is self-secluding oneself from loved ones. People tend to seclude themselves from the ones who care most about them when they are hiding an addiction. Bear in mind that such reclusiveness is not always for selfish reasons. Many who struggle with opioid addiction attempt to hide it from their family because they don’t wish to worry their loved ones. It’s important to sympathize but exercise discretion by reaching out to the appropriate professionals if you spot such opioid-symptomatic reclusive behavior.

We all have some nights where we may struggle to sleep. However, insomnia that lasts for days, weeks, or more is not a sign you should ignore. Opiate abuse often manifests itself in a lack of sleep. This can mean you either struggle with falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. Opiate-induced insomnia leads to frustration culminating in deepening opiate addiction. Don’t hesitate to enroll in opiate addiction treatment if this symptom explains you or potentially someone you love.

Opioids can cause sporadic restlessness in some while inducing unusually excessive sleep in others. This is because drugs affect everybody differently. Therefore, both sleeplessness and extended sleep are equal symptoms of opiate abuse to keep an eye on. Be wary of any uncharacteristic alterations in sleeping patterns as it may indicate symptoms of a much deeper problem.

On track with the fact that opiates affect everybody differently, they will also cause significant appetite changes. This can mean a loss of appetite for some or a significantly increased appetite in others. This symptom is also dependent upon the type of opiate or opioid of choice as specific opiates suppress different parts of the brain. Keep a wary eye out for any out-of-the-ordinary changes in a loved one’s appetite.

When drugs take precedence in someone’s, more important matters such as personal hygiene can go overlooked. Personal and circumstantial cleanliness, lack of upkeep, and other similar factors will begin to fall by the wayside. When this occurs, an addiction has begun to reach its peak of concern. Spero Recovery will help you restore your self-confidence and desire for personal and circumstantial upkeep.

Drugs take a toll on everybody, especially the friends and family of the addicted party. Clashing perspectives, discrepant life choices, and other factors cause friction in the family. These major differences stem from family concerns over the struggling party’s decisions and potential self-harm. This causes relationships to falter between the addicted party and the ones closest to them. You can restore these bonds through the natural process of our 12-step programs and other individualized treatment

Drastic mood swings are a common indicator of an underlying problem. The reason for these mood swings is equally important to take note of. For example, most people get irritable from time to time. However, exhibiting extreme agitation at minor issues or swinging from apparent happiness to sudden sadness without any viable cause is a red flag. This can either be a withdrawal symptom or a side effect of opiate abuse. It’s important to gauge and be aware of your or a loved one’s normal behavioral patterns and take mental note of any unnatural discrepancies.

Friendship is the most intricate make-or-break factor in developing habits, both good and bad. Correlatively, extended time with newfound friends often means a change in perspectives and influences. Therefore, when relationships with your true loved ones falter and reclusiveness from them follows, these new influences take over. They take over in the form of new friends and new activities that can involve drug use. If this describes you, removing yourself from current circumstances and surrounding yourself in our ideal atmosphere is vital for recovery.

Grades and job performance will begin to suffer as a result of a progressing addiction habit. This trickles down into even bigger problems such as loss of job or failing classes. Without medical attention, this takes a compounding toll on your physical and mental health to an extent that can ultimately prove fatal. You don’t have to allow opiate addiction struggles to dictate your life. You can take control of your work and school performance by enrolling in an opiate addiction treatment program today.

What are the Most Effective Treatments for Opiate Addiction?

We take an individualized approach infused with our 12-step model to establish the most achievable recovery path for you. Equipped with that personalized model, here are the most efficient treatment programs meticulously designed with you in mind.

We understand men have different needs, desires, and struggles than women.  Therefore, circumstances and friendships mean everything. Our residential treatment programs are designed to surround you with the most ideal atmosphere and individuals to drive your sobriety success. Here, you’ll meet similarly-minded people you can relate with who share the same sobriety goals. Our collective brotherhood will not only drive away loneliness, it will provide the support structure you need and deserve.

Opioids are a dangerous drug for anybody to attempt self-recovery mainly because doing so can be life-threatening. When attempting to quit cold turkey alone, an opioid-dependent mind can cause further mental and physical harm. This can include seizures and even cardiac arrest due to the brain’s developed chemical dependency. If the brain’s dependency dosage minimum isn’t met, your body can go into shock, leading to the aforementioned conditions, including death. That’s precisely why medication-based treatment administered and heavily monitored by a trained professional is the only proper way to recover.

Dual diagnosis therapy is a program that’s designed to treat multiple mental disorders simultaneously. This is especially helpful considering opiate and opioid addictions often induce mental health conditions. These co-occurring mental health disorders are often unbeknownst to the dependent party. Thankfully, our highly-trained specialists can assess your co-occurring conditions through our in-depth, stress-free assessment process. We’ll assess your conditions and the most efficient individualized treatment path for you.

Our highly-trained team has found the 12-step recovery principles are the most solid foundation for long-term sobriety.  A solid support structure, proactive lasting friendships, and therapist attentiveness to your struggle are all vital aspects of self-sustainable sobriety. These are all the elements we utilize in our 12-step programming process to help you on your way. A solid support structure helps alleviate the burdening tolls addiction has had on your life. These structures are formed through the meaningful bonds you form with therapists and like-minded individuals you meet in 12-step therapy. By getting to know your personal story, therapists can help chart an individualized recovery path that works for you.

Spero Recovery Center is Your Opportunity at a Better Life

The moment you reach out to our opiate addiction treatment team, you’ll know you made the right choice. You’ll be given the opportunity to flourish in the most ideal environment to succeed.  Surrounded by the best therapists in America and newly formed friendships to motivate your sobriety goal, the sky’s the limit. Explore the spacious bounds of your limitless potential and gain a better quality of life by reaching out to us today.

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