What are the requirements to be accepted?

1) A sincere commitment to recovery and the motivation to find change.
2) A desire to become an active member of the recovery community at Spero.
3) Ability to commit fully to at least 30 days at Spero Recovery Center.
4) 18 years or older.
5) Medically stable or appropriately detoxed before admission.

What is included in my program fees?

Room and board, including all meals, and program materials are included in the program fees at Spero Recovery Center. Not covered expenses, such as medication refills or co-payments for medical appointments are the client’s responsibility.

What should I bring?

We encourage clients to bring clothing that is appropriate for outdoor or physical activity. We provide all bedding and linens but ask that clients bring their own toiletry items. If a client is on a medication, we ask that they bring at least a 30-day supply of the prescription.

Are there visiting hours?

Normally visiting hours are every week, Sunday afternoons are reserved for family visitation. To protect and ensure the safety of all our clients, due the Covid-19 pandemic, our Spero Recovery Center is closed to the public including family visitation.

Can I work or go to school while at Spero Recovery Center?

When clients are at Spero, we believe that the focus should be on that individual and their recovery journey. We do not allow clients to actively participate in work or educational obligations while in the program.