Aftercare Planning in Colorado

The likelihood of long-term sobriety increases by 20% for each consecutive month a person engages with their plan after programming.


Aftercare is an individualized plan that is implemented once primary programming is complete. We know how long it can take to get to the point of seeking help for addiction, and we want to give our guests the best chance at maintaining long-term recovery. The plan is designed to help an individual navigate life in early recovery outside of our program. Having a plan can help maintain motivation and momentum as they move forward in recovery.

Recovery can be hard work. It requires daily mindfulness and self-care. An aftercare plan can help individuals stay on track with their recovery plan and short-term goals.

Sober Living Homes

When residential programming is completed, our guests should have a working knowledge of the 12 Steps, have accountability with a sponsor and recovery community, and be working through their ninth step. Our guests thenn have the option to enter our sober living homes. At this point, we address any need for outside services. We assess our guests for any clinical needs and connect them with a therapist or other offsite service.

Spero Alumni

We encourage our alumni to come back and volunteer at the facility. Many of our leaders consist of alumni who enjoy giving back to our community. This allows our guests to learn about the gift of recovery first-hand from others who have experienced it.

We offer FREE access for alumni to all Spero programing on site at our recovery centers.

When our alumni come back as leaders, they are learning the act of giving back. Service in recovery offers freedom. Individuals in recovery who help others through the process are more likely to gain long-term recovery. Giving back can also help alumni:

  • Improve self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Feel more empowered in their recovery
  • Help improve their sense of community
  • Find more purpose and meaning in life
  • Stay connected with others in recovery
  • Develop new skills
  • Gain a better perspective of what life looks like in recovery
  • Learn about what is important to them

“During my time living at Spero Recovery Sober Living, my entire life changed. I’ve done more than just remain sober. I’ve reconnected with my family, acquired a fantastic job, received two promotions at work, and now I’m renting my own home. Most importantly, I’m spending lots of quality time with my daughter. My sobriety and my daughter will always be my first priorities.

The house that I lived in was beautiful, and offered everything that I needed and more! If you’re looking to stay clean and rebuild your life, I strongly recommend Spero Recovery Sober Living.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Spero Recovery Sober Living for everything.

Thank You So Much.”

– Spero Recovery Sober Living Male Resident, 2018

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