Meet Our Team at Spero Recovery Center

At Spero Recovery Center in Evergreen, Colorado, our expert team is dedicated to guiding individuals through a unique and challenging path to recovery. Well-versed in the complexities of addiction, we provide informed guidance and unwavering compassion, fostering a supportive community. Our immersive 12-step programming for addiction, integrated into every aspect of our approach, offers a holistic method addressing the mind, body, and spirit for lasting transformation.

David Johnson

Managing Director

Christian O’Donnell

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Louzon

Clinical Director

CJ Oliveira

Director of Operations

Riley Chowning

Program Manager

Steven Reed

Program Specialist

Jacob Bremmer

Program Specialist

Rellian Merrin

Counselor and Case Manager

Cody Matney

Sober Living and Alumni Manager

Jean Healey

Administrative Director

Alex Seng

Admissions Coordinator

Bret Rausch

Outreach Coordinator

Tanner Zitek

Transport Coordinator

Jamie Leer

Case Manager

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Marketing Coordinator

John Malavich


Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Colorado

Our team in Colorado provides residential addiction treatment that is tailored for you. We believe that individualized care gives people the best chance at long-term recovery. Currently, we treat men 18 years and older, but can provide guidance and care recommendations for anyone struggling with substance abuse.

We address and treat all major substance use disorders at our facility and create a recovery experience for all those in our care. For our team at Spero Recovery Center, this means providing expert, compassionate care while immersing individuals in their recovery. By completing our 12-step program and participating in experiential therapy here at Spero, men learn to cope with and overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs.

A recovery experience at Spero Recovery Center also includes a comprehensive alumni program to keep you engaged with your sobriety. Aftercare and sober living programs in Colorado are essential to transitioning out of residential addiction treatment and reintegrating into your regular lives.

Our sober living home provides a way of continuing addiction treatment with our Spero team while also regaining some independence. After completing our 12-step program, individuals can move into sober living and be surrounded by a supportive recovery community while practicing sober techniques learned at our treatment center.

Reach Out To Us For Quality and Affordable Addiction Treatment!

The team at Spero Recovery Center is truly dedicated to helping others overcome their addictions and lead happy, healthy lives. One way we accomplish this is by providing affordable addiction treatment, that is quality and effective. Learn more about how to get financial aid for your addiction treatment by reaching out to admissions.

If you are seeking substance abuse treatment for yourself or a loved one, we can help! Spero is Latin for Hope, which is what our team represents. Pursue recovery from drug or alcohol addiction full of hope for lasting sobriety with Spero. Call us today to learn more about our program and how to start recovery today!

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Support Spero Recovery Center

Our addiction treatment program in Colorado is a non-profit. We’re able to provide low-cost addiction care and offer scholarships to those who need financial support for recovery. This is made possible by donations from our community, Spero alumni, and generous individuals who support our mission. You can support our efforts by donating or shopping for Spero apparel.