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“Our son has been in treatment five times since the age of sixteen. Knowing he had mental health issues, all promised their dual diagnosis programs could help him. When his issues appeared these same programs said they were not equipped to handle them and our son was discharged. Imagine how it must feel to get the message you can’t be helped. Spero never made those claims and disclosed upfront they weren’t equipped to handle mental health issues, yet they went above and beyond to support Our son and get him outside professional help when needed. They recognized that sobriety wasn’t possible without addressing both issues. This is the first time our son has made it 30 days anywhere. It’s the first time he has hope. We express enough how much we appreciate Spero, especially Blake J.”

– Family of Alumni

“After landing myself in the hospital for my years of drinking I was ready for a change. Originally from Colorado, but living in California with no Heath insurance I was open to any facility that would take me. After calling 20+ programs I was referred to Spero because of their affordability. My experience with Spero was life changing. I’m happy to say I’m coming up on my 8th month of sobriety after leaving the program. While I was there a built a bond with both staff and clients that I still maintain today. The program is 12 step based, and everyone is encouraged to have a sponsor by the time they leave. Staff such as Rorque, Tye, Jean, Blake, Paul, etc… are their because they care, and have experience in addiction and treatment. They go above and beyond to form a bond on a personal and spiritual level with everyone that walks through the doors. I don’t have a bad thing to say about my experience in the program. Spero saved my life, and I mean that with all of my heart.”

– Alumni

“After over a decade and a half of struggling with alcohol abuse & addiction I am both blessed & thankful to have landed at Spero. Their approach on recovery and sobriety is like no other, and in the best way. Thanks to their groups, meetings, fellowship, accountability, outdoor activities, mindfulness/meditation, compassion and understanding for us struggling… I now have the tools, support, and confidence to lead a happy, healthy, and sober life. I could not be anymore thankful for this program and highly suggest – beg you even – to check out and benefit from this magical, healing, and transformative place. If you know of someone battling with alcohol or drug use/abuse I encourage you to send them Spero’s way. Happy healing and may God bless you.”

– Alumni

“Ive been to a few rehabs and worked in the feild for years. I recently graduated this treatment center after volentarily completing a second month. The Spero Recovery program has the highest quality product (real drug and alcohol abuse recovery) that I have ever seen by miles. The leadership of the program showed up at the hospital I was at immidiately after I was admitted which as far as I can tell hasnt happened anywhere else. The housing director (Blake) and his staff dragged me out of active meth addiction and convinced me to stop fighting myself and give sobriety another chance. It was the best decision i have ever made. My life is almost completly reassembled which was a direct result of the support I received from both the staff and the guys I went through with.
This is a truly special place with incredable people. I feel more confident in my sobriety and more supported than I ever have in my entire life. I’m writing this with a lot of love in my heart becuase this place definitly saved my life. I would recomend this place to anyone struggling with a drug or alcohol problem and I would say to come immidiately.”

– Alumni

“I have personally been too quite a few treatment centers and Spero, by far, is the best. From the top down the staff at Spero is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. The community at Spero is alive and well. I would personally recommend this place to anyone struggling with drug and or alcohol addiction.”

– Alumni

“I currently work in public health for alcohol and drug campaigns. My partner and many of our friends have achieved long-term sobriety through Spero and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s unlike any other recovery center I’ve ever seen or worked with, and I am confident that’s the reason it works for so many people.
If you or your loved one is struggling with substances or staying sober, I highly recommend giving Spero a call. This community has changed so many lives and I would recommend it to anyone seeking recovery from alcohol or other drugs.”

– Treatment Professional

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