Women’s Residential Program

Our women’s program opened spring of 2021, and it was created very intentionally to serve the unique needs of women.  The Women’s recovery center is located in Denver near the Cherry Creek path.  Our guests find themselves in a welcoming, home environment surrounded by other mothers, daughters, and sisters in recovery. This creates unique opportunities for connection and community engagement.  We cook together, clean together, hike together, go to meetings together, and ultimately learn to live together—sober.   

Spero Recovery Center’s Programming

Spero was designed to improve treatment accessibility for uninsured and underinsured populations because we believe high-quality care is a human right.  Guests in our residential program will stay for a minimum of 30 days with the option to stay for up to 90 days.  Upon completion, guests should have a working knowledge of the 12-steps, and the confidence to walk into a 12-step meeting independently.  We encourage guests to connect with sponsors and outpatient therapists because they can maintain those supportive relationships as they integrate back into their lives.   

Our model is peer-run and peer-led with oversight from our clinical director who has over two decades of experience with various treatment modalities.  Guests find comfort in the fact that our staff is relatable, nonjudgmental, and have recovered themselves from the disease of addiction.  With clinical oversight and peer accountability, women are given the tools to evaluate past behaviors, repair relationships, and rebuild their lives.   

The Spero Recovery Difference

At Spero Recovery Center, we teach our guests to recover in real-time. We take a peer-based approach to recovery and our groups being peer-led. We want our guests to feel a sense of community and belonging and learn how to be honest and accountable with their peers.

The community atmosphere that we foster at Spero Recovery enables our guests to feel comfortable and teaches them interpersonal skills. We want to create a safe environment for our guests; our goal is to provide a space to become the people they have always wanted to be.

We also immerse our guests into a 12-Step community. Members from our local recovery community partake in groups to show our guests how to recover in the outside world. Our guests will find sponsors, meet with them regularly, and work through the 12 Steps. Members of the community pass down the gift of recovery to our guests, which allows them to begin the recovery process and eventually pass on the gift to others.

Spero Recovery Center also offers:

● Woodworking shop

● 16 square miles of open space

● Hiking trails

● Two destination summits

● Cooking classes

● Meditation teachings

Start With Spero Recovery Center Today

Spero Recovery Center’s women’s program is accepting admissions now. For more information on our women’s program, contact us today at (303) 351-7888. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about our program. Remember, nobody is ever alone