Spero Alumni from men's residential program with their arms around each other in a line

Veteran Substance Abuse Statistics: Raising Awareness

Among the issues facing the United States today, substance abuse in veterans is among the most prevalent. After serving their country, many veterans wrestle with both physical and psychological health concerns that can lead to the misuse of substances. Some of these may include PTSD, depression, or the development of personality disorders. There are a plethora of factors that contribute to this epidemic; however, just because it’s prevalent and a harsh reality to face doesn’t mean it’s impossible to overcome. At Spero Recovery Center, we aim to help those suffering from substance use disorder on an individualized basis. This gives them the best chance of recovering successfully for the long-run.

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Navigating Sober Thanksgiving: Your Comprehensive Guide

Having a sober Thanksgiving matters profoundly, as it signifies the importance of prioritizing well-being and embracing a joyful holiday season. The holiday season can be a challenging time for many people, where alcohol-related issues, substance misuse, and overwhelming stress are more prevalent than usual. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, some individuals may find solace in alcohol during these times, leading to excessive consumption.